Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be OK driving a vehicle the size of your motorhome?


It’s very straight-forward really. The gears and controls are the same as a car. Yes, its longer than a car but not much wider and the wing mirrors show you exactly how wide the vehicle is. You also tend to drive a motorhome more slowly than a car which gives you greater time to anticipate things and time to relax and enjoy your driving.

Can I drive it on a normal driving license?

Yes, check that your license allows you to drive any vehicle up to 3,500Kg

Is it easy enough to reverse?

Yes its very simple to reverse. There is a colour reversing camera which allows you to see exactly where the back of your vehicle is going.

I have never been in either a caravan or motorhome before, how will I know how everything works?

This is the biggest question for most people new to a motorhome holiday. Worcester Motorhome Rental pride themselves in giving full and frank instruction on each motorhome rental. We want you to get the very best out of your holiday and offer an hours introduction that goes into all of the small detail of how each part of your motorhome works.

What if I forget about the training and need to find out something important, I do not want to damage anything?

We have designed a quick guide to get you through the most important parts of your motorhome. There is also a pack of very comprehensive instruction manuals to help you through any other items you may need to know. Finally, if you are still stuck then Worcester Motorhome Rental will be available on the phone. We were new once and we know what it’s like when you start out. (Most Caravaners are only too happy to help out if you have any questions?).

How many beds does the motorhome have?

5 Beds (Twin fixed bed that can be made into a large double bed, double electric drop-down bed and a single dinette bed can be made by pushing the dining table down and using separate foam mattress inserts)

How many seat belts does your motorhome have?

5 (4 of these are full three-point seat belts and 1 sideways facing with a lap belt)

How many miles to the gallon would I expect to get from your motorhome?

We are currently getting an average of 28mpg

Does your vehicle meet the EU City Guidelines for emission control?

Yes. Our vehicle uses Ad-Blue fuel additive to meet the new stringent EU City Emission Guidelines

Will I need to bring tables and chairs and other accessories?

Worcester Motorhome rental has fully equipped your motorhome with the essential items. It will come with electric hook up cable, levelling ramps, chairs, tables, clothes dryer and pegs, 6 pce set cutlery, plates, bowls, mugs, wine glasses, drive-away awning (available on request) and many more items. A full Inventory is available on request.

What is the height of the vehicle?

It is 2.9m high. This will not fit under normal car parking height restrictors. Please be careful when parking.

How old is the vehicle?

Our Motorhome was NEW Spring 2017

I cannot find my National Insurance Number and I do not have a Utility bill for the Insurance. Is this still OK?

No. We have to protect our investment so without these documents, together with a valid and full driving license sadly you will not be able to rent with us. We have to check and validate all of these three documents with the Governments DVLA website before we accept any Rental Contract.

Can we travel to Europe in your motorhome?


Yes however, we will require a detailed itinerary of where you will be travelling.


Is breakdown cover included?



For any other questions then please call us on either 07590 476767 or 07834 485024

*Some restrictions apply – Please see our Terms and Conditions for details